What To Expect During Opioid Addiction Treatment

What to Expect During Opioid Addiction Treatment

Addiction to opioids can mean losing control of your life. You may only care about getting more of the drug. Opioid addiction will affect your relationships, your work, school, and other important parts of your life. Opioid addiction requires treatment. The medical professionals at Exceptional Primary & Preventive Healthcare in Silver Spring, MD, provide a wide range of medical services, including treatment of opioid addiction.

What You Need To Know About Opioid Addiction Treatment

Opioid addiction treatment begins with a physical examination by a physician to determine your overall health and drug use. The examination may include blood and urine testing. The physician will refer you to an addiction medicine specialist.

Opioid addiction is free of judgment. Your addiction medicine specialist is only concerned with helping you achieve a life free of opioids. To that end, medication is often prescribed to help limit withdrawal symptoms and reduce risk of relapse. Common medications include naltrexone, buprenorphine, and methadone. Your addiction medicine specialist can help you decide on which medication is best for you.

When you are in opioid treatment, you may experience a few side effects from your medication, which should be reported to your addiction medicine specialist. During the course of treatment, you may experience:

  • Irritability and insomnia
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Seizures and respiratory problems

In addition to medication treatment, your addiction medicine specialist may recommend individual and group counseling to help you:

  • Replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones
  • Learn stress reduction techniques and coping mechanisms
  • Engage in healthy social activities to provide a sense of belonging

Want to Know More?

You deserve to enjoy the best life, which is a life free of addiction to opioids. To find out more about what to expect during opioid addiction treatment, talk with the experts. Call our provider Florence Odubayo, FNP at Exceptional Primary & Preventive Healthcare in Silver Spring, MD. You can reach them in the office by calling (301) 587-6464, so call today.

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