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The importance of Family Practice Doctor in Silver Spring, MD

Making sure every member of your family is healthy is of the utmost importance, and part of keeping your family healthy means visiting a family doctor for regular checkups and preventive care. Here in Silver Spring, MD, Exceptional Primary & Preventive Healthcare provides a variety of primary care services to patients of all ages, from children to seniors.

Every patient that steps through our doors can expect to receive a professional, compassionate and individualized approach to health care. Whether you have a child with a chronic condition, you are dealing with an acute illness or you just need to make sure that everyone is up to date on vaccines, our team can ensure that every member of your family gets the thorough and attentive medical care they need.

Visiting the doctor shouldn’t just happen when you’re sick. While we can also treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions here in Silver Spring, MD, preventive medical care is always the best approach. By visiting your family doctor annually, our team ensures that you and everyone in your family get the proper screenings and vaccines, as well as physical examinations needed to safeguard them from a variety of illnesses.

Furthermore, a family doctor can also provide you with advice and tips for staying healthy. From recommending healthy meal plans and a new fitness routine to helping you quit smoking or manage your stress, a family doctor can help you improve your lifestyle to reduce your risk of developing certain health problems. With heart disease and diabetes being such prevalent and serious conditions in the US, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that every family member is getting the proper medical treatments and routine checkups they need to lower their risk.

Visiting your family doctor once a year can provide a host of benefits. While we mostly associate vaccines with children and teens, many adults can also benefit from vaccines such as HPV, hepatitis B and the flu. Talk with our physician and create an actionable plan for how to remain in picture-perfect health.

If you are looking for a family doctor in Silver Spring, MD, call Exceptional Primary & Preventive Healthcare at (301) 587-6464 to schedule an appointment.

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