COVID Rapid Testing

COVID Rapid Testing Silver Spring, MD

The team at Exceptional Primary & Preventive Healthcare is proud to be one of the few providers offering patients in Silver Spring, MD, rapid COVID-19 testing. These FDA-approved tests provide fast and accurate results in as little as 15 minutes.

The rapid COVID-19 test works by swabbing the nose to check for viral antigens, which tells us that there is presently an infection in the body. It’s been shown that rapid tests provide more accurate results when a patient gets tested at the very start of their symptoms. So if you are interested in getting tested it’s a good idea to come into our practice as soon as your symptoms begin.

Who should get rapid COVID testing?

If you are experiencing symptoms, you want to know (and fast!) whether or not you have COVID-19. Perhaps you have family members at home who are at high risk, and you need to know so you can safeguard them as well as yourself. A rapid test can also provide you with peace of mind to let you know that your symptoms are just that of the common cold or the flu.

If you’ve been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 you must quarantine and monitor your symptoms. It can take up to 14 days for symptoms to appear. If you do develop symptoms and you’re interested in getting rapid testing, simply give us a call.
Sometimes your work may require immediate test results, or you may need to get results quickly before a flight or business trip. In these instances, a rapid test can provide you with the fast results you need so that trips and work won’t be impacted or delayed by your test results.

If you have symptoms and you test negative for COVID-19, this means that your symptoms are not due to the coronavirus. If you get a positive test, you will not require additional testing to confirm the diagnosis. Anyone who gets a positive result must continue to quarantine. If you do not show symptoms, you may be able to leave quarantine 10 days after testing positive. If you have symptoms, you can leave quarantine 10 days after symptoms have appeared if your symptoms are improving and you have gone 24 hours without a fever.

You can either schedule a COVID-19 rapid test at our Silver Spring, MD, practice online, or you can call Exceptional Primary & Preventive Healthcare at (301) 587-6464.

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