Managing Your Diabetes

Diabetes management is a balancing act that requires mindfulness and awareness. If you’re having problems managing your diabetes—don’t fret. Our providers here at Exceptional Primary & Preventive Healthcare in Silver Spring MD, Florence Odubayo (NP), and Victoria Bassey (NP) can help you keep your blood sugar levels within a healthy range. Meanwhile, know which specific factors could wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels and how you can try to take control of them.


Healthy eating is crucial whether you’re a diabetic or not. If you have diabetes, however, you should be aware of how food impacts your blood sugar. Keep in mind that it’s just not about what you eat, but the combinations of foods you eat as well as how much.

You should likewise learn about portion sizes, and carb and calorie counting, along with avoiding artificially-sweetened drinks. Additionally, you must ensure that all your meals are well-balanced and that you carefully coordinate your medications and meals. If you are having difficulty securing your nutritional imbalance, talk to your Silver Spring MD provider today.

Physical Activity

When you do any kind of physical activity, your muscles utilize sugar to give you an energy boost. Regular exercise likewise helps the body utilize insulin more effectively. Make sure to ask your provider in Silver Spring MD about exercises you can do safely. Likewise, always check your blood glucose levels before and after any physical activity to ensure that they’re in the safe zone.


Diabetes medications, including insulin, are developed to decrease or control your blood sugar levels if physical activity and diet are not enough to manage your condition. The efficacy of these medicines relies on the dosage and timing. It’s also important to note that other medicines for underlying health issues could also impact your blood glucose levels.


Being stressed can cause your body to produce hormones that spike up your blood glucose levels due to prolonged stress. You need to find out how stress impacts your levels so you can learn to manage them before it causes more issues for you.


First, ask your doctor if you can even drink alcohol since alcohol could reduce your blood sugar levels for as much as 24 hours. If you must, select your drinks carefully and on a full stomach. Check our levels after drinking to check that they’re not dangerously low.

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